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Sunday Mass: 
     6pm (Saturday Vigil), & 11am

Weekday Mass:   9:30am. Rosary 10.00am.

Confessions:      before all Sunday Masses



30th Sunday of Ordinary Time

23rd October 2016

This Week in the Parish


Sunday:                      Mass & Novena 11am followed by café in hall.

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament 12-6pm

Benediction & Novena Prayers 6pm.

Monday:                     Novena 9.30am. Mass & Novena 7pm.

Tuesday:                     Mass & Novena 9.30am. Novena 6pm. No Bingo.

Wednesday:                Novena 9.30am. Lourdes Mass & Novena 7pm

Thursday:                   Mass & Novena 9.30am. Novena & Rosary 7pm.

Friday:                        Novena 9.30am. Feast Day Mass & Novena 7pm.

Saturday:                    Mass 9.30am. Vigil Mass 6pm.

Sunday:                      Mass 11am followed by café in hall.





“”God, who creates and conserves all things by his Word, provides men with constant evidence of himself in created realities and furthermore, wishing to open up the way to heavenly salvation – he manifested himself to our first parents from the very beginning.” He invited them to intimate communion with himself and clothed them with resplendent grace and justice. This revelation was not broken off by our first parents’ sin. “After the fall, (God) buoyed them up with the hope of salvation, by promising redemption; and he has never ceased to show his solicitude for the human race. For he wishes to give eternal life to all those who seek salvation by patience in well-doing.”” Catechism of the Catholic Church §§54-55


Mission Sunday – today is Mission Sunday and there will be a second collection in support of the missions. Please pray for our missionaries throughout the world – people who leave everything behind to go to distant countries to spread the Gospel. It’s worth remembering too those African priests who come here to work – leaving their families and friends to give back to Scotland the Gospel that we shared with them in days gone by.


Novena to St Jude – the Novena continues this week. Today, Sunday, there is Mass & Novena at 11am, Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament from 12 noon until 6pm, and Novena Prayers & Benediction at 6pm. Please sign up at the back of the church to keep watch in Adoration. On Monday there are Novena Prayers at 9.30am and Mass & Novena at 7pm. On Tuesday there is Mass & Novena Prayers at 9.30am and Novena Prayers at 6pm (NOT 7pm!). On Wednesday there are Novena Prayers at 9.30am and Mass & Novena Prayers at 7pm (Lourdes Reunion Mass). On Thursday there is Mass & Novena Prayers at 9.30am and Novena Prayers at 7pm. On Friday, the Feast of St Jude, there are Novena Prayers at 9.30am and the Feast Day Mass and Novena Prayers at 7pm. The Mass will be celebrated by Msgr Paul Conroy, Vicar-General of the Archdiocese. All Novena Prayers include Veneration of the Relics. St Jude candles (which can be placed on the lady altar) and novena intercessions are at the back of the church.


Back Door of House – in the light of some comments about the height of the step into the new door, a new step has been built and a handrail fitted. Hopefully this will make access easier.


Parish Pastoral Council – we are always looking for new members. Do you think you have something to offer the parish through membership? Is there a fellow parishioner you would encourage to join? Speak to Father Gargaro or one of the PPC members.


60th Anniversary Concert to mark the 60th Anniversary of St Jude’s Church we are having a small concert of folk music in the hall, followed by a buffet, on Friday 4th November. The music will be provided by the same band that played at the Fun Day. Tickets are £5 per person and are on sale after Mass.


Bingo – there will be no bingo on Tuesday this week.


Sacred Heart Statue – the statue, has now returned and is looking beautiful. Please say a prayer at the statue and reflect on the love of the Sacred Heart for each of us.


Requiem Mass at Dalbeth – for all those buried in Dalbeth or cremated at Daldowie takes place in Dalbeth on Sunday 6th November at 3pm.


Bonus Ball – congratulations to our winners: Wednesday 5 October number 39 Amelia Buckley; Saturday 8 October number 27 Angela Finan; Wednesday 12 October number 53 May O’Neill; Saturday 15 October number 53 May O’Neill; Wednesday 19 October number 12 Isobel Reilly.


Annual Torchlight Procession – takes place on Thursday 27th October 2016 in commemoration of more than 8.5 MILLION lives lost through abortion since the 1967 Abortion Act. Gather at George Square, Glasgow from 6pm with Rosary 6.30pm and processing to St Andrew’s Cathedral for Mass at 7.30pm celebrated by the Archbishop.


Lourdes Reunion – takes place in the hall on Wednesday evening after Mass & Novena at 7pm.


Year of Mercy Rosary – takes place in the church by candlelight on Thursday 27th October, after the Novena.


Cluster Meeting – there is a meeting of the cluster PPC executives on Tuesday 25th October in St Thomas’s at 7pm.


Mass for Newly Married Couples – Archbishop Tartaglia will celebrate Holy Mass for the newly married couples of the Archdiocese on Sunday 13th November at 3pm. All those married in the last twelve months are especially invited to attend.


Comboni Calendars – the Comboni Missionaries will be selling their calendars here after Mass on Saturday 5th November and Sunday 6th November. Please be generous in supporting their missionary work in this simple way.


All Saints’ Day – the 1st November (a week on Tuesday) is a Holyday of Obligation. We are all obliged to attend Mass that day. Mass in the parish is at 9.30am and 7pm.


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