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St Jude and St John Ogilvie Parish Church, Glasgow
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Thank you for visiting our website, which we hope provides all the information you might need to know whether you intend visiting our church, where you can be assured of a warm welcome, or to find out more about the Catholic Faith.

Sunday Mass: 
     6pm (Saturday Vigil), & 11am

Weekday Mass:   9:30am. Rosary 10.00am.

Confessions:      before all Sunday Masses



26th Sunday of Ordinary Time
25th September 2016
 This Week in the Parish

Sunday:     Mass 11am followed by café in hall.
Monday:    Mass 7pm.
Tuesday:    Mass 9.30am. Bingo 7.30pm.
Wednesday:    Mass 9.30am.
Thursday:    Mass 9.30am.
Friday:    Mass 9.30am.
Saturday:     Mass 9.30am. Vigil Mass 6pm.
Sunday:    Mass 11am followed by café in hall.

Jerusalem Prayer
“We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair.” (2 Corinthians 4.8) We pray to our Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus Christ, our Redeemer and Rescuer.
You, in your mighty works, O God, have sanctified this land and have made it holy. Through the death and resurrection of Jesus, this land has been set apart with a special calling. The continuing political conflict that scars this land and harms all its peoples is a scandal against Your will. We lament the many forms of violence afflicting people in this land. We grieve that the barrier of separation has split Palestinian communities from one another and sharpened the divide between Palestinian and Israeli societies. This barrier has contributed nothing to justice, and less to peace. We pray for comfort, for the strength to not lose heart. We pray that the wall and all similar walls will fall. We believe that the Wall is a “momentary affliction … for what can be seen is temporary, but what cannot be seen is eternal” (2Corinthians 4.16–18). We pray for reconciliation and for peace, as we commit to working for justice for all persons who live in this Holy Land. As we observe this week with our sisters and brothers around the world, we ask for the strong comfort of the Holy Spirit for all who seek justice in this land. Inspire us to not be content with mere words, but to engage in acts of costly solidarity. Inspire us to be instruments of your peace, the workers of your will.  “For he is our peace; in his flesh he has made both groups into one and has broken down the dividing wall, that is, the hostility between us” (Eph 2.14). Amen

Renovations – there are a couple of unavoidable major projects happening soon that we should be aware of:

Under health & safety laws we are no longer allowed to change the bulbs in the sanctuary lights without using contractors with proper certification for working at heights. Since the current bulbs need changed at least every year, this would make changing the bulbs prohibitively expensive, so we are changing to LED lights, which should last many years without needing changed. This work will also give us some more decorative options for lighting the sanctuary (rather than just on/off white light). This work will take place on Tuesday after morning Mass.

Pieces of the concrete cross on the gable end of the church, above the boiler house, have become loose and have had to be removed. To avoid any possibility of pieces falling on passers-by, etc., our estates department has advised that the whole cross should be removed, and the space filled in. We do not have a date for this work but it will take place soon.

These works (which altogether will cost just under £4000) should be able to be paid for from our ordinary parish funds, but if you would like to contribute money towards them you can put extra money in the plate or give it to Father Gargaro.

Deanery Safeguarding Conference – thanks to everyone who attended this training update. It is important both that we have been trained in how to deal with situations and that we can show that we have been trained. If you have not yet done any training then please contact Claudia.melis@rcag.org.uk or phone Claudia on 0141-226-5898 to attend initial training on Thursday 6th October (11am-1pm) or Monday 14th November (7pm-9pm). If you have not yet done training you must attend one of these sessions if at all possible.

Meeting of Parish Pastoral Councils – from across the Deanery takes place on Monday 10th October. All PPC members should attend if possible, so please keep the date in your diary.

Survive-MIVA – this charity, who provide vehicles to missionaries, are coming to make an appeal and take up a collection on Sunday 2nd October. Please be generous in supporting them.
World Porridge Day – the Justice and Peace group would like to invite you to join in Mary’s Meals ‘World Porridge Day’. For many families the daily cup of phala porridge given to their children at school means the difference between living and surviving. Please join us for a Porridge Breakfast after Mass on Sunday 9th October (there will be toast too!). Have your porridge just as you like it – with salt or sugar, fruit or seeds. Why not make a happy face on your bowl of porridge?  Please give generously to this very worthwhile cause. There will be a donation box at the breakfast and a Mary’s Meals porridge mug at the back of the church for anyone who can’t manage to come down to the hall.

60th Anniversary Concert – to mark the 60th Anniversary of St Jude’s Church we are having a small concert of folk music in the hall, followed by a buffet, on Friday 4th November. The music will be provided by the same band that played at the Fun Day. Tickets will be £5 per person, on sale in a couple of week’s time.

Week of Prayer for Peace in the Holy Land – this weekend we conclude our prayer for peace for all Israelis and Palestinians, that the Holy Land where Christ walked may know the peace that Christ brings.

Bonus Ball Winners – congratulations to our winners: Saturday 17 September number 37 Frances McColl; Wednesday 21 September number 43 Terry O’Neill.

House Back Door – the new door has now been fitted. If you have a back-door key then please speak to Father Gargaro to get a new one.

Ceilidh – Liam and Terry O’Neill are organising a ceilidh in St Brigid’s Hall on Saturday 12th November to raise money for the care home where May now lives. More details closer to the time. Please keep the date in your diary if you are interested.

Christmas Cards – are now for sale at the back of the church.

Vandalism Repairs – the stained glass repairers came on Thursday to arrange the repairs to the window above the sanctuary. The final price still needs to be agreed with the insurers and any repairs will not take place until the new year.


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