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Seventeenth Sunday of Year C ~ 28 July 2013
This Week in the parish

Sunday.               Mass at 11am & 5.30pm.  Sunday Café.  Second collection for Peter’s Pence delayed from beginning of July.
Monday:              Mass at 10pm. No SSVP meeting.
Tuesday:             Mass at 10am.   Bingo, eyes down at 7.30pm.
Wednesday:       Mass at 10am.
Thursday:           Mass at 10am. PPC meeting at 7pm in the chapel house.
Friday:                 Mass at 10am
Saturday:            Mass at 10am and 6pm.                Wedding at 2pm
Next Sunday:    Mass at 11am and 5.30pm.   

If you’re off on holiday over the next few weeks, we hope you have a safe and good time.  A warm welcome to those who are visiting us at this time.

YEAR OF FAITH PILGRIMAGE TO HOLY LAND.  The Bishops of Scotland have organised a national pilgrimage this autumn, offering return flights, eight nights' accommodation and evening meals in the Holy Land.. The pilgrimage will be led by Archbishop Tartaglia and this is a wonderful opportunity to bring the scriptures alive. Cost is £1150. For more information contact Alex Mosson on 0141 954 3360.

Bonus ball winners Saturday 20 July number 31 Maureen Murphy and Frank McElroy. Wednesday 24 July number 4 Patrick Lawson.


Raffle tickets continue to be on sale at the back of the church, 50 pence a ticket or £5 a book of 10.  If you could take a book and sell them it would be very much appreciated.

Thank you to anyone who has already taken raffle tickets for the fun day and also thanks for donations already received for tombolla further donations required please.  If you have any prizes that could be used for the raffle it would be great or if you could obtain a voucher that can be offered as a prize from a restaurant, hairdresser, car wash etc. or any other service you use that would be most helpful.

Volunteers are still required to assist in preparation and to help during the fun day.

MINI BUS – If you are able to help with mini bus please speak to Mark Hamilton.


Regarding the Mention of the Divine Name of St. Joseph
in the Eucharistic Prayers II, III, and IV

“Exercising his paternal care over Jesus, Saint Joseph of Nazareth, set over the Lord’s family, marvellously fulfilled the office he received by grace. Adhering firmly to the mystery of God’s design of salvation in its very beginnings, he stands as an exemplary model of the kindness and humility that the Christian faith raises to a great destiny, and demonstrates the ordinary and simple virtues necessary for men to be good and genuine followers of Christ. Through these virtues, this Just man, caring most lovingly for the Mother of God and happily dedicating himself to the upbringing of Jesus Christ, was placed as guardian over God the Father’s most precious treasures. Therefore he has been the subject of assiduous devotion on the part of the People of God throughout the centuries, as the support of that mystical body, which is the Church.

The faithful in the Catholic Church have shown continuous devotion to Saint Joseph and have solemnly and constantly honoured his memory as the most chaste spouse of the Mother of God and as the heavenly Patron of the universal Church. For this reason Blessed Pope John XXIII, in the days of the Most Holy Second Ecumenical Council of the Vatican, decreed that Saint Joseph’s name be added to the ancient Roman Canon. In response to petitions received from places throughout the world, the Supreme Pontiff Benedict XVI deemed them worthy of implementation and graciously approved them. The Supreme Pontiff Francis likewise has recently confirmed them. In this the Pontiffs had before their eyes the full communion of the Saints who, once pilgrims in this world, now lead us to Christ and unite us with him.

Accordingly, mature consideration having been given to all the matters mentioned here above, this Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, by virtue of the faculties granted by the Supreme Pontiff Francis, is pleased to decree that the name of Saint Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary is henceforth to be added to Eucharistic Prayers II, III, and IV, as they appear in the third typical edition of the Roman Missal, after the name of the Blessed Virgin Mary.”

So you’ll notice that the new part will be added to the Eucharistic Prayers.




Video Links

There are a few videos on YouTube with content of interest to those who visit our website. 

St. John Ogilvie:
    St. John Ogilvie Mar 11

St. Jude:
     Lent: Devotion to St. Jude and the Lenten Journey
     Part 1: Devotions and Prayers to St. Jude

Catholics Come Home” series:
     Epic          Testimonials          Movie

Scott Hahn’s Journey to Catholicism:
     1/6,      2/6,     3/6,     4/6,     5/6,     6/6,

Bread of Life:
      Bread of Life

Prayers of St. Francis:
     Simple Prayer of St. Francis      Prayer of St. Francis (by Sarah MacLachlan).

There Is More To Sunday Mass Than You Ever Thought

      "The Deer's Cry", or 'St. Patrick's Breastplate', sung by Angelina (EWTN).

The Vatican Channel includes links to many other pages of interest:
      The Vatican Channel


Novena in Honour of St Jude

Click here for details
(PDF file, opens in new window)

Mission Statement

"We the worshipping community of St Jude’s and St John Ogilvie’s, Barlanark, accept the challenge of the Gospel to know, love and serve God and each other by upholding the traditions of our Faith and by building up the body of Christ universal"


New Parishioners & Visitors :

If you are new to our Parish and would like information on joining our church, please contact Father Allan at the church, by phone (0141 771 5004), or e-mail 


History of
St. Jude and
St John Ogilvie Parish
St Jude Thaddeus 300 high

The parish of St Jude in Barlanark was founded in 1954 with Fr Martin Doherty as Parish Priest. The church was opened in 1956. Fr Doherty retired in 1982 and was replaced as Parish Priest by Fr Gus Hurley.
 “Wee” Fr Hurley was replaced as Parish Priest by “Big” Fr Tom Hurley in 1989. Fr Allan Cameron, the current parish priest, was appointed in 2000.


The parish of Blessed John Ogilvie in Wellhouse was founded in 1957, with Fr Jeremiah Healy as Parish Priest. Fr Healy died before the final completion of the church in 1960. He was succeeded in 1960 by Rev Thomas Reilly, who remained until 1978.
Fr Reilly was heavily involved in the cause for the canonisation of John Ogilvie which took place in 1976. The miraculous cure of a parishioner, John Fagan, was the final miracle that led from Blessed John Ogilvie to Saint John Ogilvie, as the parish was then renamed.
Fr Reilly was replaced as parish priest by Fr Patrick Tobin, from 1978 until 1989. Fr Eamon Friel, served only two years (1989-1991) before Fr Peter Sweeney was appointed. Fr Sweeney served the parish for 10 years (1991-2001) before his untimely death. 
Fr Joseph McNulty took over the parish after Fr Sweeney’s death and served as parish priest until the parish was amalgamated with St Jude’s to become the Parish of St Jude and St John Ogilvie (2 March 2008).

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